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We build and continuously update a comprehensive financial picture of your life, based on what you want now and what you envision in the future. Since life and what we want from it changes over time, that picture will change, too. Helping you to clarify your priorities and aspirations over time allows us to create an effective strategy tailored to your objectives. Our approach also helps to keep you focused so that you can overcome obstacles that are distracting or discouraging. Together, we will address the complexities of your financial life. 

Financial Planning
Financial Planning


At Gold Medal Waters, financial planning is about creating and adjusting the path to achieve your aspirations, now and in the future. Our approach evolves as your needs and desires change. It's more than investing, minimizing taxes, and saving for retirement, although those are part of what we do.

Financial Planning

Our Approach

Together, we create a unique path for you, blending various inputs and choices that evolve. Our approach acknowledges that priorities and circumstances change. We anticipate roadblocks and are prepared to re-route your path as needed. Ultimately, the goal is to lead you to the financial independence that enables you to live the life you choose.

Full Scope Planning

We take the time to listen carefully and gather comprehensive information, ensuring every detail of your financial plan is covered. We guide you in gathering your data, clarifying your life and financial goals, and developing a personalized, clearly written plan. Before finalizing, we review all recommendations in detail to ensure they align with your vision. These adjustments maintain the spirit of your marketing team's changes while enhancing clarity, relatability, and engagement.

retirement tax planning


Income Sourcing

Figuring out how to recreate your paycheck or sorting out how to develop a spending policy should not be an overwhelming exercise.  Our team has the expertise to help with retirement portfolio tax strategies, withdrawal sourcing, social security maximization strategies, medicare decisions and more. 

Tax Planning

Taxes are the single biggest expense you’ll have over your lifetime. As tax laws are changed, the impact on your finances and investments could be substantial.  We view tax planning as an important part of your financial plan and we offer an annual tax review program to determine what can be done to reduce future tax bills.

investmet management


Portfolio Management

Your investment philosophy should be grounded in academic research and financial science. Our team will build you an investment portfolio that aims to give you the highest probability of achieving your goals with the least amount of risk.  

How we do it


  • Find the right allocation between stocks and bonds.

  • Diversify among international and U.S. stocks.

  • Consider including small and value companies.

Monitoring & Adjusting

Keeping your investment plan on target may be the most challenging part.  We'll take a systematic approach together to make sure you stay on track through the ups and downs of the market and the changes in your life. 

How We Protect Your Plan


  • Rebalance your portfolio.

  • Keep emotions in check.

  • Provide discipline and guidance.

business consultation


Business Consultations | Financial Planning & Investments | Gold Medal Waters

Retirement Plan Consulting

Business Planning

Since many of our clients own a practice or small business, we offer consulting on the design, installation and maintenance of certain retirement savings vehicles such as 401(k) plans, 403(b) plans and SEP IRAs.

Some of our clients engage us annually to review their practice’s financials - its Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow statement.  When we work at this level, we can usually suggest a lot of operational improvements for the business, that, in turn, help your personal financial plan.

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