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No surprises.  No hidden fees, referral fees or commissions.  The only compensation we receive is what you pay us directly.  (And no high pressure sales, either.)

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Base Price: 


(Minimum per year)

A minimum base price is established

for the work.


The base price will be adjusted to reflect the management of complexities, value creation, and any 3rd party implementation costs.


Are you just looking for someone to manage your money, or an
advisor to help you achieve the outcomes you want and pursue
what you value throughout your life?

We do both. We tailor our advice based on your needs to help you accomplish your
goals. No matter your net worth or the size of your portfolio, we hold ourselves to the 
highest standards, provide the same access to professional expertise, and deliver the same quality experience.

Advisors who charge based on the value of your portfolio have the incentive to give 
advice that may not match your priorities. That's a conflict of interest and is one of the
many reasons we use an advice-based, conflict-free approach to pricing.


We dislike high-pressure sales tactics and we’re confident you feel the same.  Our team has committed to keeping our consultations “no pressure.”  Instead, we want to give you complete information about our pricing.  That way, you’re in control and you only engage with us as a fully informed prospective client.


    When we have a new client, our first responsibility is to develop a new financial plan to serve as your baseline. We’re sort of like a personal trainer at the gym who is creating an exercise plan for you by assessing where you are now and where you want to go. Of course, anyone can go online and find any number of workout plans, apps, etc.. But it is hard to know which to choose. It is our job to figure out what is right for you based on what you’re trying to accomplish. We work with you to offer a comprehensive review of your total financial life and a step-by-step route to achieve your ideal life.
    The next challenge arrives when it is time to execute. After we’ve completed your first financial plan together and “gotten you on the rails” so to speak, we begin the most important part of your work with us - the ongoing guidance and monitoring of your plan’s execution. This is where the real value lies. We start to provide providing the discipline to keep you headed where you want to go. To again use the personal trainer analogy: At this stage, after the workout plan is created, your trainer now goes to the gym with you and works with you to execute your plan. They might push you to complete more reps or weights. Maybe they hold you accountable for your diet. Same thing here. You hire us to work alongside you to maintain your financial plan, to help you make good decisions, to conduct reviews of your progress and to make as-needed course corrections to create the peace-of-mind that you are on track for your life’s goals.
    Imagine if there was a way for your trainer to also do the workout for you. That is sort of analogous to how we work from an investment management standpoint. Many individuals lack the time and discipline to do what is required to properly manage an investment portfolio. That’s where our investment team comes into play. Our professional advisors take your investment plan and invest it according to the recipe we agreed upon across all your accounts (even your company 401k plan). Then, week-by-week, quarter-by-quarter, we monitor both the markets and your assets to make sure they are performing according to your plan. If things get out of line, we rebalance and make adjustments, as necessary, across all your accounts. When the markets go down (as they inevitably will), we’re here to support you and to provide the discipline you need to stay the course.

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