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After extensive due diligence, we chose California-based Altruist as one of our client's custodians. We also can work with other wealth management custodians such as Fidelity, Schwab, and Pershing.

Dimensional Funds Advisors | Boulder & Denver | Gold Medal Waters

Our portfolios rely on the institutional expertise of Dimensional Fund Advisors, an Austin-based money management firm widely acknowledged for applying academic financial research to investing.


After extensive due diligence, we chose to partner with Sowell Management,  a Little Rock based firm that has been providing tools and solutions to independent financial advisors and their clients.


After extensive due diligence and negotiation, we settled on Boston-based Fidelity to act as client's custodian.  We also have the ability to work with other wealth management custodians such as Schwab, TD Ameritrade and Pershing.


GMW has partnered with Philly-based Vanguard Retirement Plan Access for retirement plan consulting to help small and midsize businesses establish 401(k) plans by making the plans as simple to operate and as low cost as possible. 

Employee Fiduciary

Employee Fiduciary, located in Mobile Alabama, allows GMW further its retirement plan consulting service by  offering the same low prices, investment choices and service as plans sponsored by some of the country’s largest corporations.

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