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We’ve studied how checklists improve outcomes in medicine and have adapted to our firm.  Nothing gets missed on our checklists. 


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Phone Discussion

At the start, we have a call to learn about each other and discuss the scope of the engagement. We typically ask some of our questions first, since your answers help guide ours. After we learn about you, we typically field your questions and review our people, process, pricing and services. 

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Discovery Discussion

We prefer to gather together at our office for this conversation. Sometimes, especially for our clients in distant locations, our financial planners may have this talk on the phone or on a video conference. During this meeting, we'll help you clarify your goals, your outcomes and your vision for the future.


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Analyze & Assess

Our team will take all that you've shared thus far and begin to create the broad strokes of your strategy. We discuss your priorities and start to design your path forward.  Our investment team will analyze your portfolio and create an asset allocation optimization strategy.  Fees and terms will be formalized. 

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Engagement Discussion

Together with our planners, you'll review the LifeMap we created based on your desired outcomes and the circumstances, issues, and complexities in your financial life.  Our investment team will discuss the optimized portfolio strategy.  We'll also review the value offered and terms of engagement.


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Strategy Regroup

Now that our engagement is under way, our planning team works on with you to develop your specific strategy.  Meanwhile, our investment team optimizes your investment portfolio design.  Oftentimes, at this stage, we may need additional details on some aspect of your financial life.  

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Strategy Discussion

We meet at the office (or virtually) to go through your finalized strategy and to review our path forward for the next year.  All recommendations are reviewed in detail and expectations are set for our delivery timeline.  You are given ample opportunity to ask any clarifying questions in this session.  


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At the beginning of every new year, we refresh your strategy (and update our terms) to stay the course or address major life changes. These changes could be positive (potential purchase of a vacation home, birth of a child, promotion) or negative (divorce, major health issue, job loss) or both.

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Implementing Investments

If you've elected to have our team handle your investments, we will take your investment strategy and put it to work using a diversified, smart and strategic approach.  We use tax location algorithms to enforce our system across most of your accounts allowing you to take advantage of your opportunities for tax reduction.

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Strategy Update

Now that our new engagement is under way, our planning team works on with you to update your outcomes and your strategy to create the next year's plan. In addition to any life changes, we may change course due to new regulations.  Meanwhile, our investment team continues to optimize your portfolio design. 

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Monitoring & Rebalancing

Having the right portfolio sets the stage for an equally important part - discipline.  You can have the best strategy in place, but it will break down if there is no discipline. If you have discipline, but your strategy doesn't follow your philosophy, your discipline will fall apart. Our team handles all the moving pieces for you and makes sure you execute.


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