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10 Essential Reminders for M.D.s

Money and Medicine

As a physician, your career can provide numerous rewards, including personal satisfaction, intellectual challenge and the opportunity to enjoy a high standard of living. But being an M.D. doesn’t guarantee financial success – doctors face unique challenges in creating and maintaining a financially healthy lifestyle.   

Our white paper, “Money and Medicine – 10 Essential Reminders for M.D.s”, identifies specific things you need to be aware of at various stages of your career as a physician. Read it to learn about pitfalls that could affect you now, and keep it bookmarked to provide guidance in the years to come.

Download the guide and learn: 

  • Why doctors need to save more aggressively than most people when they start working.

  • How to think about paying off student loan debt versus buying a house and other priorities.

  • Why feeling entitled to a certain lifestyle works against your long-term interests.

  • The financial realities of private practice.

  • Common missteps doctors make when investing.

  • How to avoid making financially costly mistakes in your personal life.

No matter where you are in your career, reviewing these essential reminders can benefit you today – even if they just provide reassurance that you’re on a good path. 

Click below to download Money and Medicine – 10 Essential Reminders for M.D.s.

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