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White Paper & Budgeting Template

Your Lifetime Living Expenditures

Living Expenditures

​Figuring out “how much is enough”

Helping our clients with this exercise is a core part of the work we do at Gold Medal Waters. It is at the heart of our philosophy of helping people to make the best use of their financial resources to bring value to their lives at each phase of their lives. We genuinely believe in and are deeply committed to this process and the impact it can have. 

As you go through the worksheet, you will be asked to specify how much you currently spend in various categories and how much you think you are likely to spend in the future. To get the most from this process, you should be as realistic with your estimates, but keep in mind that there are no “right” answers. 

To download your comprehensive Lifetime Living Expenditures worksheet, click on the button below.

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