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White Paper


Understanding What Matters and Why

Financial advisor

Are you thinking about hiring a financial advisor? If so, what are the most important criteria, including qualifications, experience and “soft skills” you should consider?  

Whether you are at the earliest stages of the process or have already started to interview candidates, our guide highlights the most important factors you need to consider in choosing a financial advisor.

Download the guide and learn: 

  • What type of advisor has a greater potential for conflicts of interest.

  • Why an advisor’s compensation structure matters.

  • How to tell whether an advisor is truly focused on understanding your needs, or just wants you to buy and sell.

  • Why a focus on “beating the market” is a big red flag.

  • How to check an advisor’s record for complaints and/or censures.

  • The importance of the advisor’s network of professionals.

  • What role technology and other tools play in a good advisor’s practice. 

Click below to download What to Look for in a Financial Advisor – Understanding What Matters and Why.

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