Investment Management DFA Approved

The Investment Management process begins and ends with you. Our advisors understand that your situation, goals, and willingness to take risks are unique. That is why we focus on getting to know you to better understand your risk capacity and goals. Our advisors will analyze your current holdings and investigate how any current investments might fit into our proposed asset allocation. At this point, our advisors offer recommendations that address your goals, based on the information you give. We check the recommendations with you to help you understand them so that you can make informed decisions. Our advisors also listen to any concerns and revise the recommendations.

Investment Management is all about you…the individual investor.

Investment Planning and Selection

Most investment managers focus on picking stocks or evaluating mutual fund managers. Gold Medal Waters’ follows a different path. We build custom client portfolios using Dimensional Funds whose investments are based on Nobel Prize winning investment theory and by grounding our strategies using the latest scientific evidence instead of speculation.

We don’t spend our time analyzing each stock. Instead, we choose to help our clients achieve vast diversification and global asset coverage. Our efforts are focused on reducing portfolio volatility, taxes, and investment expenses. The resulting balanced strategies help investors achieve more consistent portfolio returns.

Investment Policy and Portfolio Management

Your Investment Policy Statement (IPS) will outline a customized portfolio solution for managing risk and cost. Using the IPS as a guide, our advisors will buy, sell, and oversee your investments. We will coordinate your account setup and asset transfers, create your investment policies, select your investments and watch those investments, rebalance your accounts, track preliminary tax information and help you prepare for any liquidation needs.

The goal is to bring cost-effective, institutional-quality, disciplined investment management to you…the individual investor.

Performance Tracking and Account Rebalancing

In addition to the monthly or quarterly custodial statements and year-end tax summaries to aid in ongoing planning, Gold Medal Waters offers its clients convenient and timely online access to your account data, performance data and periodic reports detailing your progress. In our system, we can actually benchmark your portfolio against the return you need to hit your goals, so you can see a moving snapshot of your success.

Gold Medal Waters rebalances client portfolios on a regular schedule to capture investment appreciation and uses the proceeds to buy asset classes that have depreciated or had slower growth. For many, this seems counterintuitive. Many investors (and advisors alike) instead want to sell what has gone down and buy what has gone up. However, following a philosophy of this type forces you into a buy high, sell low mindset.